After years of experience in the plastic sector as a third-party moulder, the family business Mps Srl opens its doors to a new reality dedicated to the sale of its own products such as plastic pallets and boxes.

This is how Kuboox Srl was born and, in order to go further, it created its own line of plastic products for industrial storage and handling.

What makes this company prominent, starts with the design of a product, seeking its continuous improvement with state-of-the-art software and technologically advanced equipment.



Kuboox matches customer needs with the most sophisticated industrial technologies known in the world of robotics and automation. We do this together with our employees and partners. With our products and services and through continuous commitment, we help people as well as companies to create a successful, sustainable future.


The future of packaging: ecological, hygienic, universal

The future of packaging: ecological, hygienic, universal Different requirements call for customised solutions in terms of materials, performance, shapes, sizes and weights. Kuboox is constantly looking to offer customers the ideal pallet for each specific use.

National and international shipments require an economical pallet, moulded in recycled plastic, where technical performance is not affected and the shape is specially designed to maintain a low and constant weight. There are many sizes available with or without crossbars.

These pallets also offer excellent stackability, with warehouse storage reduced by more than 65% compared to traditional pallets. Plastic pallets are suitable even for outdoor storage.

In the food sector we have pallets moulded in virgin plastic, so to ensure optimum performance at both: high and low temperatures. These pallets can be easily washed and sterilised and offer strength and durability. Perfect for internal use and automated warehouses thanks to their rounded edges.

Hygienic pallets are the ideal solution for food and pharmaceutical sectors where “easy washing and sterilisation” is required to fully comply with HACCP regulations. These pallets are characterised by closed and smooth surfaces, rounded edges and are resistant to high/low temperatures and impact.

Robust, durable and long-lasting are the plastic pallets for internal handling and automated warehouses.

KUBOOX plastic boxes are synonymous of quality and guarantee that the goods remain intact throughout the handling and storage process.

KUBOOX has always been committed to offering a quality product, manufactured by using fully automated equipment that guarantees high production rates, cost containment and consistent technical characteristics without neglecting the possibility of customising the product.
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PLASTIC PALLET AND BOXESThe future of packaging: ecological, hygienic, universal


Our plastic pallets are “Made in Italy” certified. Totally Italian production as well as the type of raw material used for the moulding.
We use recycled plastic

We use recycled plastic

Kuboox is committed to not using more plastic than is already being used in the world. Our economy is increasing its use, that’s why Kuboox says "YES" to recycling and reusing plastic by committing to take back, through specialised companies, worn and/or damaged plastic pallets.
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